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Girls department? Boys department? You don’t have to choose.

Girls Will Be offers the perfect “in-the-middle” solution: not fitted and short (and defaulted to pink!), but not boxy and oversized either. We give girls another option! 




Our clothes are ready for action, comfortable, and as unique as the girls who wear it. They're designed to let girls be kids – whether they’re running and jumping, going on adventures, or hosting a tea party. And the fit is right in the middle of what you find in most girls and boys departments.




Designed with plenty of room to move, a “just right” sleeve length, and super soft fabric.

Not a skinny fit with teeny tiny cap sleeves, but not boxy and oversized either. Just perfectly in the middle!

Even our fabric is in-the-middle – lightweight, without being flimsy!


Designed with longer inseams, room to move, and pockets big enough to use.

Not shorty shorts or a skinny fit, but not a past-the-knees, baggy fit either. Just perfectly in the middle!

And definitely none of the tiny or faux pockets you find in so many girls’ clothes!


Many girls, including our own daughters, are simply not comfortable wearing the body-hugging fits that seem to be the default for girls these days. But that doesn’t always mean they want to shop in the boys department, or wear the oversized, boxy clothes you find there. Girls Will Be gives girls a (much needed!) option in the middle.



Offering an “in-the-middle” fit matters beyond just giving girls the power of choice. Because the fit of most girls’ clothing today sends a loud and clear message: girls are supposed to dress to look slim. And that only adds to the enormous pressures girls face to be thin.

In a world where half of girls in early elementary school want to be thinner, we don’t think shopping for clothes should contribute to their struggles with body image and self-esteem. We are proud to give girls more body-positive options that focus on what their body can do, instead of what it looks like. 



Fit is only one of the many ways our clothes break the mold. We’ve all seen the stark dividing line in most stores between pink and sparkly “girls” clothes and drab-colored “boys” clothes with themes like dinosaurs and robots. Girls Will Be ignores that line to give girls more options.

Visit our About page to learn more about our stereotype-busting graphics (because nothing is only for boys!), colors beyond pink, a no frills style, super soft fabric (without being flimsy!), and pockets (because girls need pockets for their stuff, just like boys!)