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Every year, our calendar brings our brand to life. 

And your amazing girls are the stars!



…over 35 girls who will fill our "Girls Will Be _____" 2020 Calendar with inspiration and #girlpower.

Girls Will Be Fierce. Athletes. Firefighters. Builders. Adventurous. And so much more!


We can’t possibly show all the winning photos here, but trust us that this calendar is going to be AMAZING!

Our email list will be the first to find out when the calendars arrive in mid-November. If you’re not already on it, sign up today to make sure you don’t miss the chance to inspire the girls in your life every single day of 2020:

Thank you to everyone who entered our "Girls Will Be _____" Calendar Photo Contest. All of the winners have already been contacted via the method they used to submit their photo (email, Facebook, or Instagram).

Here is a list of the winners, with a preview of all the different things their girls are doing in their photos:

Allison B Triathalon
Anna S Unicycling
Brianne M Playing Drums
Carmen A Inspecting a Bug
Cherylyn T Hockey
Christina G Marching Band
Christine K Building, using a Drill
Claire B Firefighter Training
Cynthia P Cross Country Running
Eleni O Horseback Riding
Elizabeth M Firefighter Training
James K Hockey
Jennifer H Triathalon
Julie C Hockey
Karin H Horseback Riding
Kathy P TaeKwonDo
Leena W Rock Climbing
Lesley R Snowshoeing
Lesley R Working on a Car
Lori D Beekeeping
Mankanwal S Soccer
Maureen D Flag Football
Melissa T Playing with Mud and Frogs
Mindy W Building a Wooden Raft
Molly W
Steve S
Stephen S
Rahul S Hiking
Rahul S Making knife at Blacksmith Forge
Seila S Soccer
Shannon S Swimming
Sona H Soccer
Sonija L Inspecting a Bug
Stephanie H Building, using a Chopsaw
Stephanie S Gymnastics
Stephen S TaeKwonDo jump kick
Susan T Football
Suzanne L Playing Saxophone
Veronica C Weightlifting
Veronica C Science Experiment



It's time to find the photos for our third Girls Will Be calendar. And we want 2020 to be the most inspiring one yet!

How does your girl complete the phrase "Girls Will Be _____"? Send us a photo that captures her awesomeness, and helps us send the message that Girls Will Be

…strong, smart, adventurous, kind, silly, bold, and more!
…baseball players, scientists, artists, pilots, coders, and more!
…explorers, inventors, leaders, trailblazers, and more!
…so many different things!



  1. To enter, send us a photo of your girl doing what she loves, and include a caption that fills in the blank: "Girls Will Be ______." There are three ways to submit photos:

  1. Our team will select the winning photos, and contact the winners via the method used to submit the photo.

  2. Each winner will have their girl's photo included in our 2020 Calendar, receive two (2) free 2020 Calendars, and have the opportunity to pre-order additional 2020 Calendars at a discount for friends and family.

Photos must be received by September 25, 2019.

Contest is open to all US residents age 18 and above. Entrants must submit their own, original photograph and must be the legal guardian of the girl(s) in that photograph. Limit one entry per person. By entering, you give Girls Will Be permission to use your photograph and information across social media platforms, on our website, and in emails and marketing campaigns. See full rules and regulations. 



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